Nuwamba Bio - After making his introduction as a sensitive soulful singer, songwriter, producer and musician on his 2005's Above the Water his debut album on his Bornsoulful Entertainment imprint. The Ft. Worth Weekly hailed the Virtuoso as " The Best Hip Hop and R& B Artist " of the year in 2005. - Born and raised in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Nuwamba began his love affair with music while in grade school. It was during this time He truly took note of his Parent's love for music which had always been a major part of his festive home life. After joining the Chorus at his school he experienced a true personal connection to music. By his Senior year in high school he began writing songs and performing in multiple groups that shared his eclectic style of making music and fusing it with hip hop, indie soul and R&B. At the top of the millennium Nuwamba began traveling back and forth to Atlanta in an effort to take his career to the next level. He linked up with William Griggs and created a co venture to release his Soul filled 2005 debut album on Griggs imprint called Chocolate Soul. - In the Spring of 2015 Nuwamba and his business partner Uncle Odis Johnson of Cheeky-i Productions a leader in the " Indie-Soul " music movement created a joint venture called BSCI Music Group (Bornsoulful/Cheekyi). With their newly established company they inked a new distribution deal with Light Year/ Caroline / Universal to release his sophomore album " Love Ase". The lead single from the forthcoming album is the rhythmically bass driven " Unusual " that tells the story of the changes experienced from his point of view of love leaving what had been a progressive loving relationship and that love ceasing to exist. The release will be accompanied with the first of multiple videos like " Unusual " which will be released in the coming week on multiple music video platforms and content partners including Vevo, ITunes and Amazon. - Nuwamba has been featured in numerous notable publications including Vibe, Upscale, The Dallas Observer and Billboard. Additionally his incendiary tracks have been featured on various local and national/ international radio stations and several compilation albums, remixed by International Dj's and producers. Those collaborations with notable house music DJ's produced a number of exceptional tracks that are still gaining in popularity, topping digital charts and burning up dance floors globally. Nuwamba uses his Artistic expression to explain some of life's troubles or life lessons of love, world issues and personal growth. He strives to evolve his sound beyond what came before him while trying to remain true to a timeless style.

Photographer: Uncle Odis

Musician: Nuwamba